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Feng Shui Your Health: Avoid Cold and Flu This Season

feng shui your healthLooking to avoid the flu this year? With positive thinking, herbal remedies, and practical measures, it's not as hard as you think to stay healthy all season.

When I say positive thinking, I don't mean you should be positive that you'll get sick just because you get sick every year. This is a meme that doesn't serve you, and should be replaced with positive thoughts.

Take a moment to write down and say, “I am healthy!” Follow these Feng Shui health tips and pay attention to what's in the health  segment of your home, too, based on the Feng Shui ba gua.

Meditate daily on good health. Picture yourself breathing clearly, having lots of energy and maintaining a state of good health all fall and winter.

Wash your hands frequently. The Center for Disease Control states that 80% of infectious diseases, including the flu, are transmitted by touch. Washing your hands frequently, the organization says, is the number one way to prevent getting sick.

Continue eating right -- or start now. Even the healthiest eaters may fall prey to the temptation of pumpkin pie, egg nog, winter and fall comfort foods -- and don't forget that left over Halloween candy. Try to limit treats this time of year. If you don't eat healthy regularly, this probably isn't the time to introduce major changes to your diet. Just take small steps, like cutting out sugary snacks  between meals and turning to fresh fall vegetables in all-natural ranch dip.

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