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Feng Shui Stairs: Are Stairs Hurting Your Financial Success?

feng shui stairsIn Feng Shui, stairs act as a conduit for the chi to flow from the first to second floor of your home -- and back down. We know that chi is energy and its flow can affect our relationships, health, finances and state of mind. Let's look at some common issues with stairs in Feng Shui and consider some possible solutions.

A spiral staircase: Although some high-end homes, apartments and business offices contain attractive spiral staircases, these are not good Feng Shui stairs. The shape of a spiral staircase is inauspicious and can lead to a home's inhabitants or a business' owners experience misfortune, having people try to take advantage of them, and having people they trust lure them into bad decisions -- essentially getting “screwed.”

A staircase with your main entrance or a bathroom at the foot of the stairs: A staircase leading directly out your main entrance -- as seen in many cape-style homes in NYC suburbs and other areas -- causes money to rush out of a home as quickly as it comes in. People with a home with this type of staircase may experience large, unexpected expenses, and growing debt as they try to keep up with the constant flow of money out of their lives.

Stairs without a railing: Stairs without a railing can create a sense of insecurity -- they are also not safe from a practical standpoint. It doesn't cost a lot to put a handrail on a staircase, and it's well worth it to make this change for better Feng Shui on your stairs.

Cluttered stairs: Again, clutter on your stairs represents a safety hazard and also prevents the flow of chi.

Long, narrow staircase: A long, narrow staircase can create a sense of claustrophobia, feeling trapped or feeling “blocked” in your life. If you feel as if your opportunities are limited and you have nowhere to go in life, consider your stairs. Use bright lights and light-colored paint to open the space. A long, narrow staircase can also cause rushing chi. You can slow the flow of chi with family photos or paintings on the walls to the sides of the stairs.

The best Feng Shui staircase: The best Feng Shui staircase will be wide enough to fit the space, but not dominate the area. It will be well-lighted, easy to climb and descend, and empty of clutter. People won't dread the stairs when they enter your home and the chi will flow freely to bring good things to all areas of your home.

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