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5 Easy Feng Shui Tips for Homebuyers

feng shui tips for homebuyers resized 600Are you looking to buy a home and want to make sure the property you choose has good Feng Shui to maximize your health, wealth and happiness in your new space? There are many things to consider when you use Feng Shui to help you select the perfect home. Here are a few easy Feng Shui tips to get you started.

1. Look at the front door -- and what leads up to the front door. The entrance is one of the three most important areas of the home in Feng Shui. It's important to select a house with a good view from the front door, and a clear, neat path up to the front door. Trees or pillars should not be directly in line with the door. Sometimes, it's easy to fix broken steps or a path that is too narrow. But it can be very expensive to take down a large tree. Also consider the front door's proportions relative to the rest of the house, which is not easy or inexpensive to change.

2. The view at the entrance, looking in ... If your front entryway has a solid wall within 6 feet of the door, or the foot of a staircase that leads directly out the door. A wall within 6 feet of the door is referred to as a brick wall effect  and can block the chi from circulating or moving into the home, causing a home's residents to feel stagnant. A staircase leading out the front door will cause chi and money and opportunities to rush quickly from the home.

3. The home's overall floor plan. Judge the flow of the space and how well the house works for you and your family, along with Feng Shui principles for room positions. The master bedroom and the kitchen should both be toward the back half of the house. Pay attention to the first room you see when you enter the home, as this will have great bearing on the Feng Shui in your new home and on your family's lifestyle.

4. The state of the front lawn and greenery, as well as living animals near the property. The plant life, as well as the animal life (from squirrels and birds to neighborhood cats), all give a good indication of the chi within the neighborhood. Is the area full of healthy life? Is the lawn lush and green? If you're buying a foreclosure, the property may not be in the best shape due to neglect -- that can be fixed with time and money. Instead, look at the neighbor's lawns to gauge the overall chi of the neighborhood.

5. What does your intuition say? A large part of selecting a home with good Feng Shui and positive energy (chi) has to do with your intuition. Pay attention from the moment you turn off the highway and approach your new neighborhood. Is it a place you feel like you would like to live? Does it have many of the features that are important to you? What type of people are outside? Young? Old? Do you feel as if you will fit in and thrive?

As you get closer to your prospective new home, these things get even more important. If you need help sorting it all out, I'm here to help. I'm available for Feng Shui consultations for homebuyers and to help with house, apartment or land selections. Go ahead and give me a call to set up an appointment.

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