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Feng Shui Tips: Avoiding Sha Chi When You Buy a Home

Sha Chi Feng ShuiWhen you buy a home, it's smart to evaluate the chi, or energy, of the area, as well as the home you are considering buying. In addition to evaluating the overall state of the neighborhood, keep an eye out for instances of sha chi -- “killing chi” or negative energy -- directed at your potential new home.

Sha chi can come from:

A street pointed directly at your house - Houses at the end of a t-intersection, where a street with oncoming traffic points directly at the house, are not considered auspicious (good luck) in Feng Shui. An associate of mine on Long Island lives on such a street with two houses at the end of a t-intersection. Death, divorce, foreclosure and mental illness have plagued these two houses.

A sharp roofline from the building across the street - If your neighbor has a steep roof with a sharp roofline that points directly at your entrance, this can cause communication problems and bad relationships with those neighbors, as well as misfortune for you and the other inhabitants of your house.

The sharp corner of a building pointed at your home - More common in cities, like NYC, where residential apartments share streets with buildings and businesses, if the corner of a building points toward your home or apartment, this sha chi may bring you misfortune and struggles.

In some cases, sha chi can be deflected with a Feng Shui ba gua mirror, but if you're investing money in a new house, it's best to avoid the situation in the first place.

If you're buying a new home, I can help with Feng Shui home, apartment or land selection. Why don't you give me a call?

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