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Feng Shui for Love

feng shui for loveAre you looking to attract more love and romance into your life? You can change your environment to be in better alignment with this goal using a few easy Feng Shui principles for love. Answer these three questions to get an idea if your space is in alignment with your desire to attract a partner.

Are you missing the love and relationships trigram of the Feng Shui ba gua? Pay close attention to the romance trigram of the Feng Shui ba gua -- the section to the far, back right of the front entrance in your home, on your property, or in a room. If this corner is missing from your house or apartment, or from your property, this can cause challenges in finding romance. Outside, use a spotlight to “fill in” this section of your property. If the area is missing within your home, you may plant red roses on that segment of your property.

What's in the love and relationships trigram? Okay, so the love and relationships trigram is present and accounted for. What do you keep there? Is the corner neglected, a spot where clutter or week's worth of mail collects? Give this corner the attention you'd give to a relationship, and empower it with live plants or flowers. In your living room, it's acceptable to put photos or prints of happy couples (as long as seeing other happy couples won't depress you) or pairs of objects that have special significance to you. Perhaps a wedding photo of your parents will remind you of the relationship you want to attract for yourself.

Is Your Bedroom Overly Masculine or Feminine? Don't drive the opposite sex away, symbolically, with a bedroom that is too girly or frilly -- or one that looks like a man cave, complete with your XBox 360 and empty pizza boxes. Go for a clean, uncluttered and balanced look in your bedroom. Peach, pink, light blues and greens will create a relaxing space where you can return to your true self and attract the partner of your dreams.

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