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Feng Shui Home Hunting Tips

feng shui home huntingWhen you use Feng Shui in your home, apartment or office, it's important to keep your goals and destination, or your true life purpose, in mind. The same is true when you're looking for a home or apartment with Feng Shui principles in mind. Do additions to the ba gua exist in areas you'd like to bolster in your life? Does the space suit your lifestyle? Can you live there comfortably?

While some of the basic Feng Shui principles are true for nearly every person in every space, it's important to think about whether or not the energy of a new home matches your chi. Pay attention to your intuition as you first approach a prospective home. Does it feel like the space will help you achieve your goals?

What Matters To You?
One client, a well-known movie and television star, hired me for a Feng Shui consultation when he was shopping for a new home. He fell in love with a specific home, but I pointed out that it was missing the love and romance trigram of the ba gua. It didn't change his mind about the space, because that wasn't a key focus in his life at the time. The space simply felt right to him, and matched his goals at the time.

Pay Attention to the Signs
Some signs are universal in Feng Shui, and if you see these when you first go to look at a home, it may be best to avoid the property.

A hearse in front of the home - A home across the street from a funeral home is not ideal and should be avoided. But even if the hearse driver just made a stop to pick up a sandwich at the deli on his way back to the funeral home with an empty vehicle, this is an inauspicious sign according to Feng Shui principles.

Dead animals near the building - Is there a dead bird on the steps up to the home? One dead bird doesn't indicate the chi in the area is completely negative, but it is an inauspicious sign.

Assess the Surroundings of an Home
When you're looking for a Feng Shui appropriate home, there are certain factors to consider which will give an indication of the chi in the area and if it is positive and will bring you good fortune.

Living animals - Look at the animals around the home. Are they vibrant and full of life, or do they look mangy and half-starving?

Plant life, trees, shrubbery, lawns - If there's any greenery in the area, including trees and grass, is it in good health? Dead or dying trees are bad Feng Shui and also pose a real hazard in storms. If lawns, grass, shrubs and flowers are full of life, it is an indication of good living chi.

What's surrounding you? The surrounding buildings affect the chi of the street, neighborhood and your home. Auspicious places to live will be surrounded by lively, prosperous buildings and neighbors, not stores going out of business or run-down buildings.

Remember, employing Feng Shui when you first select a home often works better than trying to employ Feng Shui tips and cures after you are already settled in a space. Call or email me for help with selecting an appropriate home, apartment and land selection.

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