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Feng Shui in the Office: What Does Your Chair Say About You?

feng shui chairWhen you apply Feng Shui in the office for career advancement or increased wealth, one of the best places to begin is with your office chair. It may be tempting to splurge on one of the trendy, ergonomic office chairs from a high-end designer like Herman Miller. But be careful -- many of these chairs don't follow Feng Shui principles.

Many ergonomic, high-end chairs feature a mesh or open-style back, designed to keep people cool and promote air flow. They may also have an odd-shaped base designed for good looks and easy movement. But the best chair if you apply Feng Shui in the office is one with a solid base and a solid back -- the higher, the better. Of course, you should look for sacral, lumbar and spine support, but you want all this in a large, solid office chair.

Here are some more characteristics of the best chair if you want to apply Feng Shui in the office.

Solid base: Again, look for a solid base for stability in your job and life.

Arm rests: These provide support and protection, literally and symbolically.

Solid back: The higher the back, the better.

High quality: Take a look around any corporate office. Lower level employees have less expensive, smaller chairs; their chairs often don't follow the Feng Shui principles. As you climb the corporate ladder, the size and quality of your chair improves. When you see CEOs represented on TV or in magazine pictures, they are always in a large, high-backed, quality office chair that looks very solid.

When you shop for your next office chair, consider your purchase carefully. Why not shop for a chair that fits the career position you want to be in, rather than where you are now?

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