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Feng Shui Principles to Fight Fear

halloweenIt's that time of year when children -- and many adults -- dress in scary costumes and go door to door. Halloween is one of my favorite holidays. I like the fun costumes, and especially the candy. But I don't like giving out (or receiving) “tricks” instead of “treats.”

In fact, fear, even startling someone for fun, can cause a dangerous physiological reaction that can create long-term physical and emotional effects. You can read more about my take on fear in an article I recently wrote for Om Times Magazine.

Here are three Feng Shui principles you can employ today to avoid placing yourself in positions where you'll be startled or may have to face fear.

1. Always choose a seat from which you can see the main entrance to a room. When you sit with your back to a door, you may experience uneasiness because you can't see people entering the room. Someone can sneak up behind you and startle you. Whether you're sitting at the desk in your home office, your living room or your dining room, choose a position that is not directly in line with the door but where you can see the door clearly.

2. Place your bed in the command position -- again, where you can see the door from your bed but are not directly in line with the door.

3. Meditate to learn how to evoke a sense of peaceful calm, even during potentially frightening situations. I offer some more tips from Awakening The Buddha Within by Lama Surya Das in this blog post about how to cultivate mindful awareness with your daily life. .

This month's issue of OmTimes also happens to have an article by Ronald Alexander about how to meditate even if you don't have a lot of time. Turn to my Om Times Magazine column on page 82, and then check out the rest of this informative issue of this digital magazine about holistic living.

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