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Feng Shui Your Backyard Before Winter

feng shui backyardSoon, the leaves on the trees will begin to change in your area -- if they haven't already. Winds will whip harder, and it's time to consider finishing up outdoor projects before the weather gets too cold.

Here are five things you can do to create a Feng Shui backyard before winter.

1. Install the perfect fence for a Feng Shui backyard
If you're going to install a new fence or paint an existing fence, now's the time before the ground freezes. The best colors for a Feng Shui backyard fence are black, red or green. A black fence against a green lawn follows the five-elemental color cycle. The Feng Shui colors red and green symbolize power and good luck, or growth and liveliness, respectively.

2. Assess the health of your trees for good Feng Shui in your backyard.
It's good Feng Shui, as well as common sense, to trim or cut down dead or dying trees and branches. Such branches can fall down under the weight of a snowstorm or heavy winds, doing significant property damage. While you're looking at the health of the trees in your backyard, also look at their placement. Trees touching your home can cause problems, although tall trees in your yard provide a sense of protection to a home's inhabitants. Trim back branches that touch the house before it gets too cold and windy to do so.

3. Bring outdoor plants inside where they can thrive.
Some plants may not survive the winter outdoors, but can bring wonderful living chi and life-giving oxygen into your home if you bring them into a sunny room. Consider areas of the Feng Shui Ba Gua you wish to empower in order to improve specific areas of your life, and see if a plant would fit well in that trigram. Only place a plant in an area where it will thrive and will fit in with both the decor and flow of traffic in your home.

4. Consider evergreens to add life energy to a Feng Shui backyard year round.
If you've planted various color flowers in different sections of your Feng Shui backyard as “cures,” you may find yourself with bare ground or empty branches come winter. Think about this area of your life. Do you still need a “cure” in this section of your home or yard? If so, would outdoor lighting help? Also consider planting evergreens to add important life chi to your yard year-round.

5. Make sure water elements won't freeze over.
If you've added ponds to your backyard, specifically in the wealth trigram of the Feng Shui Ba Gua, take measures to insure the pond doesn't freeze over. If you empty a pond and it leaves you with a gaping hole, consider ways to make the area more aesthetically appealing. A backyard that is ready for winter can still be a Feng Shui backyard, it just requires some creative thinking.

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