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Feng Shui Quick Tips for Your Small Apartment

Feng Shui Quick Tips for Your Small Apartment resized 600Do you live in a small apartment, a space real estate agents would describe as “cozy?” You can still use Feng Shui to improve your fortune and health, make more money and improve your life.

The key to good Feng Shui in an apartment is to trust your instincts. Don't try to empower every trigram of the Feng Shui Ba Gua with crystals, plants, pictures or other elements. Select a few areas of your life that are most important to you, and focus on the space that corresponds to that trigram of the Feng Shui Ba Gua.

You can employ these Feng Shui quick tips to bring even a small apartment into better alignment with your life goals.

Quick Tips for a Feng Shui Apartment

1. Pay close attention to the flow of chi through the space. Are entryways clear? Does clutter tend to build up in specific corners? Could small-space storage solutions help you Feng Shui your apartment?

2. Use light, bright colors to welcome opportunities into your life. Small colors open up a space. Beige and earth tones are good colors for the entryway and living room, while white is the best color for a Feng Shui kitchen.

3. Consider how you use your apartment. Which rooms do you spend the most time in? Are these areas well-suited to your life purpose? Would rearranging the space with these quick tips give you the emotional push you need to achieve your goals?

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