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The Feng Shui Color Yellow Can Cause Tension

feng shui color yellowFeng Shui Color Yellow
Feeling tense? If you have too much Feng Shui color yellow in your home or office, that could be the cause. Studies show that babies cry more in yellow rooms. But Feng Shui is all about balance, and moderate amounts of the color yellow in Feng Shui can help create good fortune in a home.

The Color Yellow in Your Entryway
The color yellow in a Feng Shui foyer or entrance -- a foyer that is bright, light, open, airy and welcoming -- will welcome active chi into your home and bring good opportunities. The color yellow in Feng Shui is associated with warmth, sunlight and good friends. Like beige and earth tones, yellow is a good color for a foyer. View  Feng Shui tips for your entrance.

The Color Yellow in Your Living Room
Decorating your living room with yellow in moderation -- as accent colors or using light yellow on the floor or walls -- will encourage lively conversation. It will make friends feel welcome. If you have a living room with large south-facing windows that let the bright sunlight into the room, avoid the color yellow because, again, this will create too much yang energy in the space. Remember, Feng Shui is about balance.

The Color Yellow Creates Yang Energy
The color yellow is a yang color, associated with movement, energy and the element of fire. For this reason, you don't want to decorate your kitchen in yellow, because it will create an unbalanced space with too much fire element, which could lead to conflicts during meal time.

Likewise, the color yellow is too bright and lively for a bedroom and will not create the restful sanctuary you want in a Feng Shui bedroom.

Yellow as a “Lucky” Color
The Chinese view yellow as a fortunate color, much like red. It represents royalty and wisdom. Therefore, yellow in your wisdom corner may help you advance your knowledge. It is a good color for leadership. Used in moderation, it can help invite positive changes into your life.

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