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Feng Shui Career Challenges With Your Office Exit

feng shui careerWould you like to make more money? Earn more prestige and status in your career? Impress your supervisors? Find learning opportunities and room for advancement in your career?

The view when you leave your office could hold a key to helping you achieve your career goals. Whether you work from home or in an office, you can use Feng Shui to boost your career -- and one way to do so is creating a Feng Shui exit.

What's Behind a Feng Shui Door?
Because we enter and exit our office frequently, a Feng Shui door in our office is very important. Red or green are both good Feng Shui colors for a door, to increase your wealth and opportunities. But the view outside that door is equally important in Feng Shui terms.

The Feng Shui Cause Behind Common Career Challenges

Feng Shui Career Challenge #1
People don't notice your accomplishments; you are passed by for promotions and raises.

If you exit your office to enter a long corridor, you may have slow progress in your career. People, including higher-ups, may not notice you or your efforts with the company.

Feng Shui Career Challenge #2
You feel stifled in your career development, with no opportunities for advancement.

If your office opens onto a corridor wall, you may feel “blocked” in your career. Rather than feeling unrecognized, you feel as if, whatever you do, you just can't advance.

Feng Shui Career Challenge #3
You feel unbalanced and off-center in the office.

If you feel unbalanced, confused or simply “off” in your office, a partial wall, doorway, corridor or column in view of your office exit could be contributing to these emotions.

Feng Shui Career Challenge #4
You feel as if you are under attack, or as if you can't focus -- like there's lots of energy rushing your way and it's difficult to deflect so that you can focus on your work.

If the door to another office directly faces your office door, (a situation called “fighting doors” in Feng Shui), you may feel under attack. If you're always getting reprimanded at work (or feel as if you are), fighting doors may be to blame.

What's the view when you leave your office?

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