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Feng Shui Desk Shapes for Greater Success

feng shui deskWe recently talked about the best way to create a Feng Shui desk  to improve your wealth and status, and also about how to overlay the Ba Gua on a desk.

But what's the best shape for a Feng Shui desk?

The best shapes for a Feng Shui desk are rounded shapes, including:

- oval
- kidney
- round
- semi-circular

These are also good shapes for a Feng Shui table. These positive, curving shapes promote the flow of chi and make the people in the office feel comfortable. They evoke a smooth, modern flow that gives the person at the desk a sense of feeling in control.

Size Matters in a Feng Shui Desk
When you select your desk, make sure both the size and shape fit well into the room. An overly large desk in a small room will stifle the chi and seem out of place. On the other hand, a person sitting at a small desk in a large room may suffer feelings of insignificance.

Bad Feng Shui: Desks with Hard Corners
Desks with sharp, pointed corners can create killing chi. Anyone who sits facing one of these points or corners may feel uncomfortable and even suffer from pains or physical ailments. If your desk is in an office with many people, avoid sitting across from the pointed corner of someone else's desk.

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