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Feng Shui Living Room Layout Tips

feng shui living room resized 600A Feng Shui living room arrangement can create a formal space for entertaining, or a casual family gathering spot. But there are some universal tips to follow for a Feng Shui living room layout that will make everyone feel comfortable, maximize the flow of chi, and help bring good fortune to your family.

Follow these four tips for the best Feng Shui living room layout.

1. Have clear pathways for the flow of chi. If people can't walk comfortably through a room, chi can't flow, either. Clear clutter from the floor and arrange furniture to create natural pathways for the flow of traffic.

2. Do not face seats so that someone's back is to a window or door. This creates a feeling of insecurity. There's a good chance no one will choose to sit in seats in this position, so you'll wind up with a spot where junk collects and energy doesn't flow.

3. In a Feng Shui living room layout, do not place seats parallel to each other. While seats should be placed in conversational clusters, seats that face each other directly can cause a confrontational situation for those who sit in them.

4. Do not place seats under beams in a Feng Shui living room layout. Sitting under beams -- in any room of your home -- can cause health problems, feelings of pressure, and even arguments between people sitting on opposite sides of the beam. To minimize the effects of beams in a room, paint them to match the ceiling.

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