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Living Room Arrangement Based On Feng Shui Principles

Living Room Arrangement Based On Feng Shui Principles resized 600When do you use your living room? Is your living room in such an arrangement that it promotes casual gatherings and lively conversation? Is it a transition point between your home or apartment and the outside world, a place where you can relax and be yourself with members of your family and close friends?

A Feng Shui living room arrangement can encourage specific types of activities and behaviors.

A Feng Shui Living Room Arrangement for Formal Gatherings

Do you have a den or media room where the family gathers for fun, games and movies, reserving your formal living room for more quiet moments, cocktail parties and entertaining company? A Feng Shui living room arrangement with a touch of formality will include chairs and sofas in an even, symmetrical pattern. Patterns might be more subdued, but don't be afraid to add a touch of color to liven up the room -- and the atmosphere. A formal Feng Shui living room arrangement may have classic, traditional furniture (rather than casual, modern design.)

A Feng Shui Living Room Arrangement for Casual Entertaining

Anything goes in a Feng Shui living room arrangement in a space that may double as a play room, TV den, and the heart of the home. Your furniture arrangement can be more casual, and designs more modern. Chairs or sofas may be placed at angles or in casual clusters to encourage smaller groups of people to engage in private conversation.

To create a really lively space where everyone feels comfortable to kick back and party, decorate the room in a rainbow of bright colors and have fun with your Feng Shui living room arrangement.

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