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Feng Shui Your Desk to Increase Your Income

feng shui your desk resized 600Many people come to me because their business is suffering and they want to find out how to make more money. Often, we can create a Feng Shui desk using simple, inexpensive Feng Shui techniques to encourage better business success and get money flowing toward your business.

Follow these seven easy steps for a Feng Shui desk.

1. Place your desk in the command position of the room. This simple change -- putting your desk in a position where you can see your door, but are not in line with the door -- can make profound changes in your success and income.

2. Do not place objects overhead. Feeling stressed? Objects -- such as  heavy shelves or even a slanted wall (like you may find in an attic office) -- can subconsciously weigh on you, creating feelings of pressure. Remove any shelves, books or other objects hanging over your desk or your head. Some people have success placing a round faceted crystal ball over their desk, or a mirror above where you sit, to create an uplifting feeling above their desk.

3. Use the Feng Shui Ba Gua to empower the wealth trigram of your desk. When you're sitting at your desk, the wealth trigram of the Feng Shui Ba Gua is in the far left corner. Placing a water element in this corner, such as a small fountain, can provide quick results to increase your income. Additionally, a zen fountain, small fish tank or even a photo of water can provide a sense of peace and relaxation when you look at it.

4. Add living chi to your desk. The Chinese advocate placing “lucky bamboo” on a Feng Shui desk for increased fortune. Bamboo is a hearty plant -- select one with three or five healthy stalks, keep it in about an inch of water (changed the water weekly) and provide only indirect sunlight and it will thrive. Use filtered or natural spring water -- not tap water, for your lucky bamboo plant.

5. Add inspiring scents. The aroma of peppermint or citrus can provide a lift during the day. An oil diffuser can add scent without being overwhelming.

6. Feng Shui your desk chair for empowerment and security.
A comfortable chair will make you more comfortable, healthier and more productive. The best Feng Shui office chair will have a solid back and solid arms for greater stability in your career or occupation.

7. Make your desk comfortable and inspirational. How do you feel when you sit at your desk? Your feet should be able to be placed directly beneath the desk without having anything (including a computer tower) in the way. Your computer monitor and keyboard should be placed directly in front of you, not viewed at an angle, if working at the computer for long periods of time.

Most importantly, you should feel powerful and inspired at your desk, looking forward to each work day and enjoying what you do. If you're working in a career that permits you to fulfill your true life purpose, a Feng shui desk and office will help keep you motivated, able to achieve your goals and increase your income.

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