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Feng Shui Office Colors For Financial Prosperity and Success

feng shui office colors successIn Feng Shui, the colors of your office or business can improve your success and prosperity.
The best colors for the office or home office and set the tone for your energy, actions and results.
When you Feng Shui your office, the colors you choose for your walls, ceiling and decor can have a powerful effect on the way people react to your business and also on your financial success.  

Blue, green and purple are always good colors for wealth and success. Red is also considered by the Chinese to bring good fortune, but painting your entire office red can lead to feelings of anger and belligerence because it introduces too much of the fire element.

You can also select the best colors for a Feng Shui office based on the business you run, whether your office is within your home or in leased space outside your home.

Here are some examples of good office Feng Shui colors for a specific type of office or place of business.

Psychology/therapy/coaching: white for cleanliness and purity, or multi-colored, to create a sense of balance

Software developer: White, beige or gray for clear thinking and efficient work

Writer/author: green or white, with multi-color accents to stimulate creativity; purple is a fortunate color for writers who self-publish or for publishers (traditional or Internet)

Real estate: Light yellow or other earth tones, since real estate deals with land purchase and sales. White or light green, colors that complement the element of earth, are also effective.

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