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Feng Shui Bedroom Mirror To Boost Your Confidence and Communication

feng shui bedroom mirrorHow do you feel after you get dressed and ready for work? Are you confident, full of energy and ready to start the day? Or do you dread the commute into the office, facing your co-workers and boss, and spending yet another day stuck in your situation?

When you're living your true life purpose, you will look forward to beginning each day. As you take steps toward that feeling, a Feng Shui bedroom mirror can also help boost your confidence and encourage you to accomplish more, take chances, and see bigger opportunities in front of you.

Many people believe there is no such thing as a Feng Shui bedroom mirror. Certain people believe mirrors in the bedroom promote negative chi and should never be included in a bedroom. This isn't true. Many myths surround Feng Shui bedroom mirrors. In this article, you can learn how to enhance your relationships with a Feng Shui bedroom mirror.

Better Fortune with a Feng Shui Bedroom Mirror

In Feng Shui, a bedroom mirror can also promote good fortune, self-esteem and new opportunities if it:
- is one solid piece of glass and does not break up your reflection
- is hung at the proper level, so it doesn't cut off the top of your head
- produces a flattering reflection that makes you feel good about yourself before you head out to start your day.

Does your bedroom mirror give you a feeling of confidence and accomplishment?

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