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Feng Shui Principles: What Stories Does Your Home Or Apartment Tell About You?

Feng Shui PrinciplesWhen I perform a Feng Shui consultation, I apply ancient Feng Shui principles that combine intuition, intention and the flow of energy in a space in order to help a client achieve their goals in life. When I assess a home or apartment, the energy and arrangement of objects in the space tell a “story.”

A cluttered marriage corner in a couple's bedroom, for instance, could mean that they are scattering their energies and not focusing on what's important in their marriage. Maybe they have too many commitments pulling them in different ways. Clutter tends to collect in the marriage trigram of the Feng Shui bagua, just as chores and commitments pile up until they seem impossible to handle.

When we use Feng Shui principles to analyze a home or apartment, we gain insight into our minds. Our exterior often mirrors the interior -- what is going on in our lives.

When we shop for a home or apartment, we are often drawn to spaces that tell our own stories. Someone who is very popular, for instance, may find a home with an addition in the Fame and Recognition section of the Feng Shui bagua. Someone who is single and looking for love may find the marriage section of the Feng Shui bagua is missing in their new home.

Study your home and use Feng Shui principles to discover what your house or apartment is saying about you. What stories do the rooms tell?

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