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Feng Shui Your Child's Desk for Better Grades

feng shui child deskEven as many schools face budget and program cuts, a good education is more important than ever. You may not be able to control the surroundings in your child's classroom, but you can Feng Shui your child's desk at home for better success at school.

The best place for a child to study and do homework is in a quiet area of the home. This may create a challenge when you create a Feng Shui desk, as you may want to keep any computers with Internet access in high-traffic, public areas so you can monitor your child's online activities. If you can find a quiet place in a location in a where you can see the computer but your child won't be distracted by the television or conversation, this is ideal.

Since the kitchen is a hub of activity, this is not a good place for a Feng Shui desk. Wherever you place a desk, it should be in the command position of the room.

The Feng Shui Command Position

The Feng Shui command position puts people “in charge” of a room -- and of their life -- by placing them where they can see the door, but not directly in line with the door. Sitting with your back to the door can make it difficult to concentrate, while sitting in line with the door can make a person feel under attack. Either position creates stress, which will affect a child's studies in a negative way. If the child is not able to view the door, consider adding a mirror so that they can see the door from the reflection.

Follow these additional tips for a Feng Shui desk for even greater results:

- A Feng Shui desk should be solid wood or metal, not glass.
- A Feng Shui desk should include a chair with a solid back and arms for a greater feeling of support and security.
- There should be nothing underneath a desk that takes away from foot space available.
- A Feng Shui desk should have no shelves or heavy objects hanging above it. This will create a feeling of stress and pressure on your child.
- For good Feng Shui, avoid beams or a sloped ceiling above a desk.

Is your child having trouble in school? Difficulty concentrating? Move the desk where your child does homework to the command position of the room and see if their grades begin to improve.

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