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Do You NEED This?

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“To believe that you need what you don’t have is a definition of insanity.”

Wayne Dyer has been known to attribute these words of wisdom to close friend, author and public speaker Byron Katie.

Let's think about the phrase, first by defining “need.” A need is a necessity, something you can't live without. Human beings need air, water, food and shelter. These things all take different forms, but we can't survive without them. People in warm climates may be able to make-do without much shelter, but they still need a place to escape from threats, whether the threat is the hot sun, rain, or other people.

When we walk around constantly saying we “need” this or that to survive, we are living in a state of lack -- focusing on what we don't have. The Universe hears this and gives us more lack. We live in a state of constant longing, wanting and desire, and feel unfulfilled.

Yet, if you have been living without this thing, clearly you don't need it. You may want it, or feel it would enrich your life or even be a lot of fun to have. But you don't need it.

Instead, tell yourself everyday, “I have everything I need.” With this mindset, you'll begin living in a state of abundance -- and attract more abundance to you, including all the things you would like to have to make your life even better and help you fulfill your true life purpose.

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