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Feng Shui Your Kitchen For Less With These 3 Simple Tips

feng shui kitchenRemodeling a kitchen can be one of the priciest projects a homeowner can take on, whether you do it yourself or hire a contractor to do it for you. (Kitchen remodeling is also difficult, so most people hire professionals.)

But you can Feng Shui your kitchen for greater success without ripping out cabinets or buying all new appliances. This article at CNNMoney.com talks about three quick and inexpensive ways to update your kitchen yourself. What steps can you take to Feng Shui your kitchen?

1. Feng Shui your stove. The stove is one of the three most important areas in your home and reflects the way you make money and how others view you professionally. Keep your stove clean and use all four burners regularly.

The best location for a stove is in the command position of the kitchen, overlooking the rest of the room. If it's not? Expensive changes aren't necessary; place mirrors around the stove (or a mirror backsplash) to create the sense that the cook can see everything around him.

2. Feng Shui your kitchen table. The best shape for a kitchen table is round, with no sharp edges to protect sha chi (killing chi) onto guests. Liven up your kitchen table with living chi, such as fresh cut flowers or a bowl of fresh fruit. And keep it clear of clutter, such as unopened mail, unpaid bills, and kid's homework, in order to encourage people to gather and eat there.

3. Use colors. The color you paint your kitchen may depend on your goals. Blue will encourage you to eat less and is recommended for weight loss. To create a place where people linger and feast, green is a good color. To encourage social interaction and discussion -- enhancing the kitchen's place as the social hub of the home -- yellow is a good color. Avoid red, except as an accent color, as this brings too much fire chi into the space and could lead to hot tempers or literal fires.

Before you take any steps, determine your goals for your kitchen. Are you a gourmet chef who makes every meal a masterpiece? Do you want a place where family, friends and neighbors gather? Is the kitchen the heart of your home?

Once you've determined the key purpose of the room and how it fits into your house and life, you can use color, decorative accents and Feng Shui cures to help the room achieve its purpose. What inexpensive changes can you make to your kitchen to make it more comfortable?

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