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Basic Feng Shui Cure #8: Elemental Colors Balance the Chi for Good Fortune

Note: This series explores the 9 basic Feng Shui cures

Color plays an instrumental role in Feng Shui. Colors evoke different moods based on our personal preferences, cultural traditions, and simply the way they can open or close a space.

For instance, white or beige is a great color for a foyer or small, narrow hallway, as it makes the space seem wider and more welcoming. In China, red is considered a color of good fortune, and is a good color for a door or accent colors in a room.

You can also use the color that corresponds to the element in that section of the Ba Gua. In other words, black or purple would activate the wealth section of your home.

Finally, you can employ the elemental color cycle in your home to balance the chi of a space. The five-elemental color cycle, in spite of its name, can be used in versions of either three, four, or five colors. You can learn more about the five elemental color destructive and creative cycles in the article, “Use the Feng Shui Five Element Color Cycle to Change Your Life.”

Color selection in Feng Shui relies heavily on personal preference and intuition, but understanding the psychology and culture behind certain colors can help lead you in the right direction when picking the colors for your home.

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