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Basic Feng Shui Cure #7: Use Bamboo Flutes For Protection

Note: This series explores the 9 basic Feng Shui cures.

In Feng Shui, Bamboo flutes symbolize safety, peace and stability. Along with mirrors and wind chimes, they are one of the most common Feng Shui cures. Bamboo is known for its strength and sturdiness.

A bamboo plant placed on your desk will activate the section of the Ba Gua in which it resides.

Hollow and with multiple segments, bamboo shoots symbolically lift the chi up through the flute. They can be used as cures for:

- exposed ceiling beams
- slanted ceilings that create a sense of stress and oppression

To cure these situations, hang two bamboo flutes with red ribbons tied around them, slanting inwards, directly on the beam. This shape mimics the upper portion of the octagonal Ba Gua, representing good fortune.

Bamboo flutes can also be placed under the bed or couch that is situated beneath the beam.

Flutes that resemble swords are used to ward off negative chi and evil spirits. Hang them in the doorway to help guard against theft or home attacks.

For Lack of a Bamboo Flute (or Two)...
Jesse James and Sandra Bullock's former Southern California home could have used some bamboo flutes. This popular Feng Shui cure could have even helped to strengthen the couple's marriage and prevent divorce.

In these photos, you can see exposed beams in the living room directly above their furniture, and another beam above their bed, which may have led to the infidelity in their marriage by symbolically separating the couple.

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