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Basic Feng Shui Cure #5: Use Heavy Objects for Stability

Note: This series explores the 9 basic Feng Shui cures.
Feeling unsettled? Does your life lack stability? Do you jump from job to job, or always fear the next big change, simply because you're tired of flitting around without direction?

If you crave stability, placing heavy objects -- or symbolically heavy objects -- in various segments of the Ba Gua can help.

Outdoors, you can employ large stones or boulders to activate different sections of the Ba Gua. For instance, if you want greater job security, place a boulder in the career section of your yard. However, make sure the rock is not too close to your front door, or you will risk feeling “blocked” and stuck.

If you fear that your partner may leave and want a more stable marriage, place a heavy object in the marriage section of the Ba Gua. If your health constantly fluctuates and want greater consistency with good health, a stone, statue or rock garden in the health section of the Ba Gua will attract better health and longevity to you.

Heavy Objects Indoors
Indoors, a small rock garden that is symbolically heavy can suit the same purpose. You can activate different sections of your home, a room, or your desk using heavy objects.

The Chinese often rely on a symbolically heavy object called a “Yu” to add stability to a certain area of life. A Yu is a small Chinese ink pot with stones in the bottom. Placed under the bed in the master bedroom, a Yu will add a sense of stability and security to your love life and also help you sleep better.

Learn more about how to add stability to your life with heavy objects.

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