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Basic Feng Shui Cure #2: Objects that Make Sounds Offer Security and Wealth

Note: This series explores the 9 basic Feng Shui cures.

Wind chimes and bells are the second of nine Ysing Feng Shui cures.

Wind Chimes
Wind chimes can be used in a similar way as crystals, to disperse the flow of rushing chi. A wind chime hung on the eave of a home or terrace of an apartment can help improve finances for the residents, as well as providing a pleasant-sounding greeting to visitors and people returning home.

Wind chimes can also help alleviate depression and laziness, as explained in this post.

The best wind chimes will have a deep, pleasant tonal quality and will be made up of 5 individual tubes to represent the 5 elements of Feng Shui.

Shopkeeper's Bell
A shopkeeper's bell can provide a sense of security to people in a home or place of business. If the master bedroom is located on the top floor of a home, a shopkeeper's bell at the front door provides a greater sense of control to the home's inhabitants.

Similarly, if a master bedroom is located behind the swing of a door, a bell hung on the door can help prevent danger, surprise and misfortune.

A bell hung on the front door will also activate the segment of the Ba Gua in which the door is located, either the helpful people sector, knowledge and wisdom sector, or career sector.

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