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Feng Shui Cure #1: Bright or Light Refracting Objects to Raise Chi

Note: This series explores the 9 basic Feng Shui cures.

Bright or light-refracting objects include mirrors, crystal balls and, in modern Feng Shui, lights.

Mirrors, sometimes called the aspirin of Feng Shui, are often used to create a sense of depth, when:

- a wall is too close to a front door
- a home has slanted walls or ceilings, which can feel oppressive
- to deflect the negative impact of poison arrows, unpleasant views or anything that creates negative chi, such as funeral homes or high-traffic streets

Rules for Using Mirrors in Feng Shui
- Mirrors should never be hung so low that they cut off the top of your head. This can lead to feelings of low self-esteem, tension and even headaches.

- Mirrors should be all one piece, not tiled. Tiled mirrors distort the image, leading to illness as well as feelings of dis-ease.

- Mirrors should not be hung so high that people have to look up to see them. This can create feelings of “not measuring up” or feeling “small.”

- Mirrors should be bright and clear, not dark or smoky. Smoked glass can lower the chi and feel oppressive in a space -- the exact opposite of the effect you want a mirror to have.

Crystal Balls
Crystal balls are often used to slow and disperse the flow of chi. You may hang one between two doors that are parallel to each other (fighting doors) to slow the flow of chi, or at the top and/or bottom of a steep staircase that leads out a door.

Lights are used almost as frequently as mirrors in Feng Shui. A spotlight can square off the shape of an L-shaped building, replacing a missing area of the Ba Gua. It can also be used to direct chi upward from a valley, especially if a house is located on the hill. This helps prevent money from “rolling away” from the site. Lights in an entryway can make a space seem larger and more welcoming, inviting opportunities into your home.

For outdoor lighting, you may want to consider solar electric lights, which gather solar energy during the day in order to stay lit at night. These are cost-effective and environmentally friendly and can be used to fill in missing areas of the Ba Gua or lift the chi of a downhill space.

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