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Lessons from Cow Camp: Stay Focused to Achieve Your Goals

girls summer campI often talk about how, in order to achieve your goals, you must first set your intention. It's especially heartwarming to see children apply focus in their life, set their intention, and achieve a goal.

This was the case this July when Alex and Kate Guernsey (ages 7 and 8) hosted the first annual Cow Camp in July. (No, there weren't actual cows, just horses, golf and other fun activities -- and a lot of moo-ing, apparently.)

Back in January, Alex and Kate determined they were not going to go to summer camp, but wanted to run their own, instead.

Their mother, Lana Guernsey, hoped they'd change their minds by the time summer rolled around, or that she could convince them to attend a conventional summer camp. “But no,” Guernsey recalls. “They were steadfast and resolute that they were running their own camp.”

So Guernsey did what any good mother would do: Set parameters to see just how serious the girls were. “I told them they had to have a theme, activities and a plan, just like a real camp,” she shares.

A few days later, eight-year-old Kate presented her mom with a PowerPoint slide show, outline of the camp's activities and a schedule.

Clearly, nothing was stopping them or changing their mind. Impressed by their vision and determination, I stepped up to sponsor the camp, and will be sharing videos and photos of the adventures at Cow Camp over the next few weeks.

Cow Camp gave the Guernsey girls, and their friends, a unique opportunity to take responsibility for a project and see what can really happen when they set their intention and make a plan to achieve a goal.

Guernsey says, "Watching the girls run their camp was a great reminder of what happens when we listen to kids and validate their ideas. The chance to design their own camp gave them a freedom to pursue what they really cared about in a way that doesn't happen very often these days and having a corporate sponsor made the entrepreneurial experience that much more real.”

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