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What Do You Do To Rejuvenate Yourself?

rejuvenationRejuvenation is important to avoid burn-out, to maintain a state of being in the present moment, and for our health and vitality, both mental and physical.

I asked my Facebook friends: “What is one thing that you will do today for yourself to rejuvenate?”

Doreen Garza: Take a Nap :)

Joy Palmer: Give myself permission to “believe.”

Andrea Walton: Enjoy Nature...

Anne Sallmen: Go to the sauna

Melissa Williams: I release the things that cause stress and turn my focus to the things that make me happy... my home, my loved ones, my hobbies, my pets. And a nice morning walk doesn't hurt either.

Kristen Szymanski: I just did it. My dog and I went for a nice drive before the weather got too hot. Now I'm ready to get back to business.

Casey Golden Cronin: Curl up with a good book on the deck in the sun!

Barbara McGauley: Visit my friend on her finca and pick organic figs, mangos and veggies. Hang out and meditate on her terrace. Magic!!

Cathy Stockton:  just rest and “be still”

ChristineHealthCoach: Visit the Farmer's Market, Church with my two-year-old son, then celebrate life with my family this evening! (Sunday is a full day of rejuvenation, can you tell?)

Melinda Statler: Juicin' a whole lot of veggies in the new Juicing Machine. The celery really gives you great electrolytes.

As you can see, the answers I received were both insightful and helpful. If you're feeling stressed or stuck, use one of these tips, or take a few minutes to think about what you can do for yourself today to rejuvenate -- and then do it.

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