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What Challenge Did You Overcome Today?

facing challenges tao feng shuiEven after we commit to being in the present moment and living every day with the intention of fulfilling our life purpose, we may face challenges -- curveballs in our master plan. It is not a question of “if” we will face challenges, but, “When?”

And, more importantly, how will we address those challenges when they arise?

Stress is a physiological reaction in our bodies that is designed to let us know it is time to employ coping mechanisms: Fight or flight. In centuries past, this kept us from things like being eaten by tigers or giving up our land to neighboring people. Today, the stress we feel is rarely life threatening, and either “fight” or “flight” is rarely the best choice, in the literal sense. We must find other ways to meet challenges and alleviate the stress.

In times of stress, the body releases adrenaline to help us face the challenges before us. It also releases the stress hormone “cortisol,” which has been linked to illness, ailments and even weight gain. Wouldn't it be better to simply avoid stress by facing an undesirable situation as a fun challenge to be overcome, rather than as a stressor? It really is all in the way we look at things.

With the right attitude, challenges can be turned into opportunities. Opportunities for advancement, opportunities to learn new skills, and opportunities to build our self-esteem by successfully meeting the challenges.

What challenge will you turn into an opportunity today? What will or did you gain from it?

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