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Feng Shui Health: Is Water Near Your Home Making You Sick?

feng shui waterWater in the Wealth section of the ba'gua within your home or business can help bring you greater opportunities to increase your income. Water, as a moving form of life chi, typically represents positive fortune. But sometimes ponds and pools on your property may not be good Feng Shui and can even adversely affect your health.

Let's look at five common problems with water and some easy Feng Shui cures.

1. Water too close to the house: This can cause skin diseases or lung problems. Cure: Place a meandering path from house to pond or pool.

2. Pond too small or too large in relation to the home: Skin diseases or lung problems. Cure: Install a light or a rock garden near the water or plan a tree on the opposite side of the house from the body of water.

3. Body of water curves away from house: This can drain your finances. Cure: Install a spotlight shining up to the roof.

4. Swimming pool at a sharp angle to the house: Can cause illness and poverty. Cure: Install a fountain or plants between the pool and house to block the “poison arrow” created by the angle.

5. Stagnant water: Standing water breeds mosquitoes, which carry disease, and adds humidity to the air, which can cause respiratory ailments. Cure: Do not allow standing water near your home. Always filter pools. Watch out for places that water may collect (such as upturned garbage can lids or empty buckets).

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