Feng Shui Driveways: Is Your Driveway Bringing You Good Fortune?

In Feng Shui, several rounded driveway shapes are considered to attract good luck and positive chi. These shapes include:

- semi-circular
- circular
- circular with a center island of grass or flowers
- circular with a square center

Some straight or rectangular shapes may carry misfortune.

For instance:

- A driveway that narrows toward the road may limit career or business opportunities.
Cure: Place a lamppost at the foot of the driveway to illuminate the front door or the top of the house.

- Steep slope, narrowing toward the foot of the driveway can also limit opportunities.
Cure: Two brick posts that flank the driveway's entrance will re-circulate chi and increase opportunities.

- A driveway that slopes down toward the house can cause problems with money, relationships, health or your career.
Cure: Created terraces of pavement along the driveway to soften the flow of chi as it rushes toward the house or aim a spotlight at the top of the roof.

- A driveway or walkway that is narrower than the front door stifles chi.
Cure: Make the walkway or driveway wider than the front door, since a wide front door is good for prosperity.

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