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Invite Positive Chi into Your Neighborhood with an Urban Garden

feng shui herb garden resized 600Live plants and flowers bring positive living chi into an environment. If these plants also produce fruits or vegetables, you may save money on your meals and, certainly, enjoy better health with home-grown, organic foods.

But if you live in the middle of a city like New York City, how can you possibly plant a garden? Here are four easy ways:

1. A window garden is easy to take care of (all you have to do is open the window to water or fertilize the plants), inexpensive to start (it's not very big, after all) and convenient. (cooking dinner? Need fresh mint?) Just open the window and start picking some.
Depending on how many windows you have available, you can plant vegetables like tomatoes, green beans, peppers, or zucchini, or you can stick to an herb garden. Fresh herbs add wonderful scent and flavoring to any meal.

2. Start a terrace garden. A terrace or fire escape gives you more space than a window to plant even more crops. Why not add spinach, lettuce and carrots to the offerings? Take advantage of vertical real estate by using hanging tomato plants -- they grow downward like vines. You can also grow grapes this way.  

3. Start a rooftop garden. If you have access to your apartment's roof, you can have a rooftop garden that will rival a suburban garden in size. Your rooftop garden can provide fresh vegetables for a small family throughout the summer season -- often with enough to share. You can also collaborate with other people in your building to take care of a rooftop garden, and all enjoy the benefits!

4. Community gardens are gaining popularity in cities like San Francisco. Most community gardens are located in local parks, and you'll need permission from the Parks and Recreation Department in your county. Take a look at these 10 Magnificent Urban Gardens.

Whether you start a small container garden on your terrace to bring living chi to the space outside your apartment or collaborate with neighbors to start a rooftop or community garden, an urban garden is an easy way to improve your health and introduce positive life chi into your environment.

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