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What Kind of Day Do You Want to Have?

living your life's dreamI recently asked my Facebook friends: “In 1 word, how would you describe your day today?”

The answers ranged from “Productive” (several friends) to Michael Dunn's “Refreshing,” Cathy Stockton's “Transforming," and Cindy Dunston Quirk's creative “MEGAAWESOMEFABULOUS!”

Did you know you can make every day “MEGAAWESOMEFABULOUS” if that's what you desire -- or you can create any type of day that best fits YOU?

Set Your Intention to Create the Day You Want
We can make every day the best possible it can be, just by setting our intention when we first wake up in the morning. Then, take action to ensure you have that type of day. An upbeat attitude will help make your day like Cindy's.

Meditation may give you the sense of calm you desire. If you want a transforming day, do something to transform yourself, such as reading something new, seeking out a new mentor or beginning to take a course online.

Live in the Moment
With every thought or action, ask yourself, “Is this leading to the type of day I want?”

This thought process will soon become second nature. It really just means to be in the present moment with each breath. Awareness is the first step to creating the fulfilling life you want.

One Day Leads to Another
Because a life is, ultimately, a collection of days, creating the type of day you want to have today will eventually lead to the life you want to live -- one in which you fulfill your true purpose in every moment.

What Type of Day Do You Want to Have?
Some of the other interesting answers my friends provided included:

- Amazing
- Miraculous
- Suspenseful
- Fruitful
- Thoughtful
- Over!

So make it a fabulous day unless you've already made other plans. How would you describe your day today? 

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