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How Water in Feng Shui Relates To Wisdom and Wealth

Feng Shui WaterAre you making a choice to spend as many hours as you can this summer at the beach? In Feng Shui, chi collects around water and expresses it beautifully in meandering streams, crashing waves and the endless cycle of a waterfall.

Water = Wealth and Wisdom

In Feng Shui, water is associated with:

- wisdom
- money and wealth
- social context or how you are perceived to others

Placing a water element in the wealth sector when you lay the bagua over your home, apartment, desk or place of business can have very positive effects. Water in the Li (Fame) section of the bagua, however, can present challenges for people in a household in regard to their reputation.

Water on Your Property
Oceanfront or lake front property is highly coveted and more expensive than a land-locked plot. This has to do with a number of factors, including the positive energy that flows from water. A lake stocked with fish can, in the right circumstances, provide sustenance for the people who live there.

In general, if water flows toward your house or curves gently toward you, almost as an embrace, this is a best-case scenario. If your house faces the water, this is also good.

Be careful of:

- A watercourse that divides into two or more streams or tributaries, indicating a dispersion of water's force, which could create negative chi

- Sharp bends in the waterway, which form “straight arrows”

- Water flowing from the front to the back of a site without a break

- Rushing rivers in front of your home, which do not allow chi to gather

If your dream home is nestled on a lake or a slow, meandering river, this should provide good fortune, wealth and wisdom to the inhabitants. Of course, make sure the house is above the waterway (to avoid flooding) and far enough away that it won't damage the foundation.

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