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Feng Shui Your Front Door In 3 Simple Ways

Feng Shui home resized 600In Feng Shui, the front door, entrance or main door is considered to be one of the three most important areas of your home.
But what about your front door, specifically? When you stand in your doorway, you should feel a sense of balance in the home from all directions.
Here are three more Feng Shui factors to consider when you first enter your home. 

1. The front door should open into the widest part of the room. If it doesn't, there are a number of cures you can employ. You can re-hinge the door so it does. If this is impractical, you can mirror the wall facing the door opening, so you can see the rest of the room from the doorway. You can add an automatic light that comes on when the door opens.

If a bedroom is located behind the direction of swing of a front door, this could lead to unrest for the people who sleep in that room. Hang a shopkeeper's bell on the door to avert physical danger and misfortune.

2. If your front door opens onto a long narrow corridor along the center line of your home, you may have financial problems caused by chi rushing rapidly in and out of the home. Hang windchimes or Clear, Faceted Swarovski Feng Shui Crystals along the corridor to slow the flow of chi. You can also use mirrors to give the illusion that the corridor is wider.

3. The best color for a door is green; this color will bring fortune and luck to the people inside the home or apartment.

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