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3 Common Causes and Cures for Summer Headaches

summer headache cure resized 600Summertime and the living is easy -- or it should be! But for many people who suffer from allergies or heat sensitivity, summer may be a painful time of year.

A number of both mundane and Feng Shui aspects of your home or apartment, as well as your outdoor living environment, can cause headaches and fatigue. Let's look at a few and see how you can feel better in order to go on with the business of living and achieving your goals.

Headaches from dehydration - When temperatures rise, we may forgot to drink enough water. You'll need even more water to replace all you're sweating out -- as well as to offset any poolside beers or other alcoholic beverages you might enjoy. Make it your intention to drink 8 glasses of water a day. If your headache doesn't go away or you feel thirsty, drink even more. Thirst is our body's way of telling us we need water -- now! You should, ideally, drink before you are thirsty.

Headaches from mold and mildew - With windows and doors closed up in order to run the air conditioner, we may fall victim to mold other household contaminants. Make sure to clean or change the filters on your air conditioner at the start of the summer. If you haven't done it yet, and suffer from headaches when your AC is on, change the filters today.

Headaches from bright light - While natural light is a great carrier of chi, the mid-day sun through south facing windows offers too much energy and can actually cause headaches and other ailments. Open blinds or curtains later in the day, when the sun is not as bright.

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