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1 Simple Feng Shui Step To Change Your Life and Get Unstuck

Change Your LifeThe ancient Chinese philosopher Lao-tzu states, “A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.” This quote has also been attributed to Confucius. It's likely that both wise men used these words and lived by this philosophy -- along with many successful people before and after them.

Often, when we look at our desired result or ultimate goal, it seems unattainable, far away, or simply too big to tackle. But there's certainly one small thing you can do each day to bring you one step closer to your desired result. Let's take a look at some examples.

If your goal is to exercise five times, an hour a day, in order to be healthier and lose weight, begin with just a 15-minute walk TODAY.

Likewise, if your goal is weight loss through a healthy diet, replace just one glass of soda with a glass of water, or one unhealthy snack with a piece of fruit or fresh vegetables.

If you have the ultimate goal of switching careers in order to better fulfill your true life purpose, take the step of looking into college classes, phone a career coach, or search for jobs and send out a resume in the field you desire.

If your goal is to become more organized and clear the clutter from your life, begin with just one drawer. This post talks about how to declutter an entire room in a single sweep, but if that feels intimidating, start with a single closet shelf or drawer.

These are just a few ideas of how to start your journey with a single step, but it can apply to any situation.

Please share your thoughts below: What one thing can you do today to take one step closer to achieving your ultimate goal?

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