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The World Embraces Feng Shui

Feng Shui Master Lin Yun and Ken LauherFeng Shui, literally translated as “Wind and Water,” dates back more than 2,000 years and is an ancient Chinese art and science. The irony is that Feng Shui was not accepted by the ruling class in Communist China, yet political leaders would call in Feng Shui experts in the dark of night to consult on a space. The same leaders who openly derided Feng Shui by day were using its principles at night to gain greater control of the country, increase their health and wealth -- and all the other reasons people all over the world use Feng Shui today.

Black Sect Buddhist Feng Shui
Black Hat Sect Buddhist Feng Shui (BTB) was popularized by Feng Shui Master Lin Yun. His works have been translated by American author Sarah Rossbach and many of the top American Feng Shui consultants -- myself included -- have studied under Master Lin Yun, read his works, and use the employ the principles of BTB Feng Shui during our consultations.

BTB Feng Shui is a favorite in both Eastern and Western countries because of the way it blends practical (mundane) considerations with metaphysical cures and meditations. Intention plays a large role in the effectiveness of BTB Feng Shui but, with the proper guidance, nearly anyone can employ these Feng Shui methods and see positive results.

Lin Yun's own method of BTB Feng Shui borrows heavily from the I Ching, the classic Chinese “book of changes,” as well as Taoism and the philosophies of Confucious and, of course, Buddhist philosophies that traveled from India through Tibet and into China.

Modern BTB Feng Shui
As modern life and technology has evolved, so have many BTB Feng Shui philosophies. For instance, man-made light and electricity can now play a role in activating the chi of a space, and modern Feng Shui consultants take into account the placement of modern electrical and electronic conveniences such as flat screen television monitors, computers, and microwave ovens.

Additionally, Feng Shui philosophies and cures are adopted by people of all religious faiths and in every walk of life. Unlike the Chinese leaders of centuries passed, today's CEOs, architects, entrepreneurs and real estate agents (to name just a few groups of people who use Feng Shui) need not hide their interest in the ancient art and science.

Feng Shui Media Coverage
The mainstream media, including television networks like NBC and TLC, have recently covered Feng Shui. Many modern office buildings and homes have been designed with input from Feng Shui experts. Following its construction, New York-based consultants analyzed the new Yankee Stadium from a Feng Shui perspective, noting that it will be up to fans to imbue the space with positive chi, but that the rounded structure has a nice, flowing shape.

As Feng Shui maintains a strong foothold in the West, interest also grows across the world. I've recently had visitors to this website as far away as Switzerland, Italy, Dubai and Australia contact me for consultations. I'm excited to do my part in encouraging the flow of positive chi across the world. 
Wherever you live, you can contact me for a phone, email or an in-person Feng Shui consultation, where I can help you analyze your living space or work place and make practical, realistic suggestions that you can implement immediately in order to make positive changes to your life and career.

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