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The Feng Shui of New York City

chi of new yorkJust as every human being and every home has a different energy about it, every city has a unique chi -- the life energy that animates us and everything around us -- as well. Some cities are vibrant and full of life. Others are sedate, solemn. The people, businesses, architecture and even the predominant colors in a city contribute to the chi of that space.

New York: From Rushing Chi to Peaceful Solitude
One of the things that makes New York such a wonderful place is the variety of chi that circulates through every city street, park, museum, shop and apartment in Manhattan.

On Wall Street, the gray buildings and older architecture breeds solemnity -- this is a place of business, no room for frivolity. 

In Central Park, you'll find the chi of children and dogs running -- fun-loving and innocent -- meandering paths, and areas filled with natural life of all kinds. Healthy living chi collects here, which is why it -- and New York's other parks -- is a favorite gathering place for native New Yorkers and tourists.

A Change in the Chi of Midtown
The chi of midtown has shifted significantly in recent years. In the past, the rushing chi of this area could be stressful, creating pressure and a rushed feeling. While stagnant chi can limit opportunities, rushing chi can cause financial difficulties and health problems for people in the area. It can also make people irritable. The traffic and crowds created rushing chi that led to anxiety and confusion for many people.

Now, with Times Square closed to vehicle traffic, the chi is able to collect in the area, creating a high energy environment that is full of life but no longer rushed or panicked.

Times Square is now a pedestrian-friendly area, with tables where people can sit, relax and enjoy the diverse surroundings and people that are part of city life. The chi -- as well as the people -- collects here, adding more vibrancy to the area. This also creates a healthier environment for people on a practical level -- with no cars, buses and taxi cabs on the street, there is less noise or air pollution.

The bright colors that populate Times Square on street signs, moving billboards and large flat screen monitors creates a true rainbow of elemental colors, which encourages creative thinking and positive chi.

New York Feng Shui Consultations
What about your New York home? Does it reflect the chi of the street where you live? Would you like help bringing some of the positive life chi from your street into your apartment? Or maybe your surroundings aren't the best, and you'd like some help creating a vibrant yet peaceful space in the middle of a neighborhood with stagnant chi.

While I'm blessed with many opportunities to help people all over the world with Feng Shui, I also love providing Feng Shui consultations to fellow New Yorkers right at home. Check out my Consulting Services to find out more.

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