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3 Myths About Creating The Life You Desire

creating life you desireA lot of misinformation about Feng Shui, intention and creating your perfect life circulates the Web. Let's explore three myths about Feng Shui and the power of intention.

1. You are not in control of your life.

Aspects such as your environment, your name, and your upbringing affect your life. Also, some people are just “born lucky.” While it's true that luck and destiny are factors that can change your life, we can overcome the odds by taking responsibility for our actions, minimizing the effects of negative events, and maximizing the return on “lucky” events and opportunities.

2. Other people can manifest their own destiny, but I can't.

They must be smarter or more evolved than I am. Anyone can use Feng Shui, meditation, visualization and intention to manifest everything they want in life. Often, people come to this realization following a near death experience or other powerful, life-changing event in their lives. But if you are tired of your situation and feeling stuck, you have the power to change your circumstances.

3. Feng Shui is complicated.

When you hear people talking about the ba gua and the “wealth corner” of your home, or using the five-elemental color cycle to activate the chi in a given area, you might get the impression that Feng Shui is complicated. That's not true. Many of the Feng Shui tips I share in this space can be applied quickly, easily and inexpensively -- and you'll begin to see results right away.

If you'd like to take Feng Shui in your home to the next level, though, you may want to call in an expert. I can help you evaluate the chi of your space, recommend changes to your environment, and even perform a space cleansing. Check out my Consulting Services for more information.

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