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3 Factors in Your Home That Reflect Your Attitude About Money

feng shui money 3 factorsMany aspects of a person's home or apartment reflect their attitudes about money. Even how clean we keep our home reflects our ability to care for our finances. Just as Feng Shui, when practiced with intention, can help us make positive changes in our life, it can also give us insight into our current attitudes and challenges -- the things that may be blocking us from living a life of greater fulfillment.

Let's consider three factors in Feng Shui and how they reflect our attitudes on money. We'll also explore positive changes you can make to get unstuck and begin achieving your financial goals.

1. Is your home clean and organized?

If people enter the home to see it is clean, well-kept and organized, chances are good the person's finances and budget are in the same shape. On the other hand, if the home is in disrepair, the residents in the space may wait until things get bad to start worrying about a lack of money -- they may have unpaid bills or make late payments regularly.

It doesn't cost a lot to get organized. Once you have found a place for everything in your home and apartment, put things back when you're done using them. If you do this mindfully, it will soon become a habit and you'll live in order instead of disarray. You may decide you enjoy your new organized lifestyle and take steps to organize your finances, too.

Consider putting a fresh coat of light, bright paint on the walls in your foyer or entrance. This is an inexpensive way to brighten a space and welcome new opportunities into your life.

2. Do you use your dining room or kitchen table for eating?

In Feng Shui, our food and our kitchen also represent our income and wealth. Welcome a bountiful feast into your life at every meal time by keeping your kitchen or dining room table clear of papers, books, and other clutter.

When a person has a dining room table full of papers and doesn't use the table for family meal time, they may not be dealing with financial issues. Instead, they let bills and issues “pile up,” literally and figuratively, until they risk ruining their credit rating or losing their home. Create a system to file papers and keep them neatly organized where you can reach them if needed but they are not always right in front of you, causing you stress.

3. What's in the wealth and prosperity corner of your home?

Take a look at the area of your home that represents wealth and prosperity, according to the ba gua. What's located there? If you store exercise equipment in that corner, you may think of making money as hard work or a “workout.”

It's best to keep a water element such as a fountain or fish tank, in that corner -- or even a picture representing water. You may also put things in that corner that make you feel wealthy, such as a jar of money that you add to with your pocket change each evening.

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