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Energize Your Life with Feng Shui Firecrackers this Fourth of July

Feng Shui Firecrackers for 4th of julyFirecrackers are not just for Fourth of July celebrations. In BTB Feng Shui, we use firecrackers year-round to elevate the chi of a space, drive away negative energy (killing chi or sha), and to mark a fortunate beginning to a new endeavor, such as a wedding or the grand opening of a store.

You can use firecrackers to mark an auspicious start of any occasion, to increase the energy in your home office, or raise the chi in a space that feels oppressive. Here are three quick and easy ways to use decorative Feng Shui firecrackers.

To celebrate an event - Hanging firecrackers in the doorway of a new business or a new home helps “blow away” negative killing chi (sha), paving the way to welcome positive chi into the space.

To raise chi - Decorative firecrackers, often made from lucky bamboo, can be used to raise the chi in a space with sloped ceilings or to counteract the negative effects of beams above a desk or seat.

To activate a section of the ba gua - You can hang firecrackers in the relationship or fame section of the ba gua to activate the chi in that space with explosive energy.

Since Fourth of July -- or Independence Day -- marks the beginning of the United States of America and its independence from England, it's appropriate that we celebrate this holiday with explosions of firecrackers.

What areas of your home could use a “lift” with the explosive power of decorative Feng Shui Firecrackers?

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