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Want vs. Expectation - Is There a Difference?

Woman Setting GoalsIf you follow the philosophies of people like Wayne Dyer and Deepak Chopra, you know that we receive what we expect from this world. 
Yet, so many people believe they are working to create their best life simply by dreaming about it and visualizing it -- yet it never comes to pass.

What's the missing key between merely “wanting” something and living with the intention that you will have it, acting as if it is already yours?

When we want something -- for instance, a home or a new car or even a better career -- we can imagine ourselves having it. We may be able to see ourselves saying hello to the doorman in our new high-rise apartment or zipping through the city in our new sports car. We can live in this dream world in which we have everything we desire. But, on some level, these are merely daydreams -- unless we add intention to the mix.

Living with Intention and Expectation
When we create a plan to achieve our goals -- and take steps to work that plan each day -- we are living with intention. Taking that action is how we make our dreams come true. At the same time, we must live with the knowledge that what we want is already ours. When we do that, the energy of the Universe works with us and we can't help but attract what we expect to us.

On the other hand, if we live in our dreams, always wanting something more, we will be stuck in that state of “wanting.” We must act “as if” what we want is already ours while taking the action to make it happen.  

Are you stuck in a state of “wanting?” What can you do to change your thought processes and attract the life you deserve?

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