Want vs. Expectation - Is There a Difference?

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Want vs. Expectation - Is There a Difference?


Woman Setting GoalsIf you follow the philosophies of people like Wayne Dyer and Deepak Chopra, you know that we receive what we expect from this world. 
Yet, so many people believe they are working to create their best life simply by dreaming about it and visualizing it -- yet it never comes to pass.

What's the missing key between merely “wanting” something and living with the intention that you will have it, acting as if it is already yours?

When we want something -- for instance, a home or a new car or even a better career -- we can imagine ourselves having it. We may be able to see ourselves saying hello to the doorman in our new high-rise apartment or zipping through the city in our new sports car. We can live in this dream world in which we have everything we desire. But, on some level, these are merely daydreams -- unless we add intention to the mix.

Living with Intention and Expectation
When we create a plan to achieve our goals -- and take steps to work that plan each day -- we are living with intention. Taking that action is how we make our dreams come true. At the same time, we must live with the knowledge that what we want is already ours. When we do that, the energy of the Universe works with us and we can't help but attract what we expect to us.

On the other hand, if we live in our dreams, always wanting something more, we will be stuck in that state of “wanting.” We must act “as if” what we want is already ours while taking the action to make it happen.  

Are you stuck in a state of “wanting?” What can you do to change your thought processes and attract the life you deserve?

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Great article, Ken! You are right on target - until I "got it" that you need to BELIEVE and EXPECT to receive, it was all just dreaming and wanting. Expectation is SO powerful!
Posted @ Wednesday, June 30, 2010 7:25 AM by Cindy Hartman
I have always wondered how to make dreams in to reality. I recall daydreaming about walking out of a pool house, and diving in to an inground pool. all of this was attached to a beautiful home located in a wooded yet very green luscious home. What struck me about this daydream was that it was so real that I could actually feel the waters brushing against my body as I dove in the water. It felt so real I quickly snapped out of the daydream because it felt like I somehow transported myself there. Like it was my reality. It sort of freaked me out. i had never had an experience like that before.  
The short of the story is...it made think that I could really create this reality. It sort of gave me a new burst of hope, and ambition. I have always wanted to be a writer and my feeling is that writing will get me to that pool-house next to the inground pool, next to the beautiful home in that very serene setting.  
You what? It felt like a deja vu.  
Now if I only knew what I wanted to write about, Lol.
Posted @ Wednesday, June 30, 2010 7:37 AM by luvlanime
I'm a bit confused by this article. I have read a lot about intention and so forth, but if we start with intention then aren't we telling the Universe how to go about providing our desire? I thought the way it comes to us is up to the Universe. I am very confused about this subject. 
I do get the ask, receive, believe, but not the intention. It is my intention to have a house on a lake. Now do I need to go further and decide how that will happen? Thanks.
Posted @ Wednesday, June 30, 2010 7:56 AM by Sarah
I would think that it is probably best to decide or have some kind of game plan as to how it will happen. It seems as though to ask, receive and to believe is great. But, if you do not have an intention on how it happens it may happen but by some kind of means that you did not want. Or perhaps at the wrong time in your life. In my short 36 yrs on this planet one thing I know for certain is putting all of your expectations in fate alone allows fate to dictate your fortune or misfortune. Man (and woman) still possess the greatest gift of all that we very often take for granted..."Freedom will".
Posted @ Wednesday, June 30, 2010 8:43 AM by Luvlanime
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