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Feng Shui Your Living Room for More Stimulating Conversation

Living Room Feng ShuiThe living room, along with the kitchen, is a space in your house where people congregate. The room -- and its inhabitants -- will be affected by factors such as:

- Colors used in the room
- Placement of furniture
- Use of light (natural and artificial)
- Window, door and fireplace placement
- Use of mirrors
- Placement of the room within the house
- Overall feel, ambiance and scents within the room

Keeping in mind that a living room should make guests and residents feel comfortable, safe, and enlivened but relaxed, let's consider some of these Feng Shui factors within your living room.  

Best Color for a Living Room
If you want to welcome guests into your home, using an array of the five-elemental colors will do so. The best colors for entertaining are light yet lively blues, greens, pinks, whites, or different shades of off-white, including beige and tan. Use accent colors -- including furniture upholstery, throw pillows and trim -- in multiple colors to encourage stimulating conversation.

Natural light is a great way to uplift chi. However, a west-facing window may let in too much light at certain times of the day, giving people headaches or creating stress as oppressive light shines into the home. East-facing windows let in gentle, warming light that makes people comfortable.

Artificial lighting, too, can raise the chi in a room. If you have a dark corner, consider placing a lamp there to encourage the flow of chi. Living room light should be soothing, with the means to create brighter light if needed.

Furniture Placement
Place guests in the command position, with a view of the door but not directly in front of it. All furniture should be arranged in a way that encourages conversation, and all furniture should face the door, but not sit too close to it. Be careful of having two couches or two chairs in parallel lines facing each other -- the people who sit there most frequently may argue.

Use of Mirrors
Floor-to-ceiling mirrors in a living room are consider auspicious in Feng Shui. You can also use mirrors to strengthen certain bagua positions within the room.

Window, Door and Fireplace Placement

Wherever the door and windows are situated, be sure not to place seating too close to them. Guests may feel uncomfortable with their back to a window, but a seat with a window view may encourage daydreaming and quiet contemplation.

A fireplace can be an auspicious addition to a home, but make sure not to put any seats too close to the fireplace. Seats should not face the fireplace, either, or the people in those seats maybe become combative and argumentative, with too much fire chi. A fireplace is best with a mirror placed above it to draw the residents' chi upward.

Placement within the House
A living room is best place in front of your home's central line. It is auspicious if the living room is the first room people see when they enter a home or apartment -- guests will be encouraged to stay, relax and chat for a while.

Overall Ambiance
When you are done assessing the chi in a room and rearrangement of the different elements in the room for better Feng Shui, look at the room's overall ambiance. What is the first thing guests see? What scents are in the air? Is the room's overall layout, color scheme and design pleasant?

Trust your instincts when you use Feng Shui in your living room and you'll create a space in your home or apartment that will encourage friendship, success and happiness in every area of your life.

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