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Feng Shui Clutter: Clean Out Your "Junk Room" To Expand Your Possibilities

organize a roomMost of us have that “one room” in our house. Maybe it's a spare bedroom where we pile everything that we're going to sell or donate someday. Maybe it's a living room that rarely gets used because family and friends prefer to congregate in the kitchen.

If you have a room that you don't use, it could be negatively affecting your life. In Feng Shui, the areas of your house correspond to sections of the bagua, which all relate to different areas of your life. If you have a room that consistently collects dust -- or junk -- the chi can't circulate there.

 If that room lies in the wealth sector of the bagua, you may not be making as much money as you'd like. If it lies in the children and creativity section, it could affect your fertility or your relationships with your kids. If it is located in the marriage sector, you could find that part of your life suffering.

Fortunately, there are four easy fixes to a space that doesn't get used. By encouraging the chi to circulate in that space, you'll open your life to new opportunities.

1. Make an intentional effort to use the room. If the room is a living room, den or dining room, think about why people aren't attracted to it. Is the furniture laid out in a way that encourages conversation? Is the room's decor welcoming? Use Feng Shui to find the optimal placement of objects to encourage the flow of chi.

If the room makes people uncomfortable, change the colors or layout to create a space people can enjoy. You can use the five-elemental color cycle to balance the chi of a room, so that visitors will feel more balanced and at peace in the space.

2. Re-purpose the room into a space you will use. Do you have a spare bedroom that is more like a walk-in closet, with junk, unused exercise equipment and clothes you'll get around to dropping off at goodwill someday? Why not re-purpose it into a space that better fits your life.

Maybe you've always wanted an art studio so you could begin painting beautiful artwork. Or a small recording studio to launch your music career. Or a game room, library or even a home office to launch that business you've been dreaming about. Whatever it is, you can have it. After all, there's a room in your house just begging to be used.

3. Add life to the space. Adding a fish tank, living plants, or even a fresh bowl of fruit (in the dining room) will add living chi and vitality to the space. Of course, you still have to make sure you enter the room and use it regularly, but adding life chi will help make a room feel more welcoming.

4. Space cleansing. Whether you decide to re-purpose the space or to begin using it for its original purpose, the room could benefit from a space cleansing to clear all the negative chi. When I perform a space cleansing for a client, I use a highly effective Chinese technique called Chen Pi Purification, which dramatically improves the energy of a space immediately. So many people have seen their fortune improve after I've performed a space cleansing on their home or apartment. Please contact me if you'd like to learn more.

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