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Feng Shui Predecessor Chi: How The Previous Occupants Of Your Home or Apartment Can Impact You

Feng Shui Space CleansingIn all the noise and nervous energy of our lives, we often don't notice the chi (or energy) in the space around us. If we take time in our home to be still -- to just BE -- we can feel the vibration of energy in our home or apartment. Chances are, you will also pick up on the energy of those who lived there before you.

This could work to your advantage, if the previous tenants or owners had a very positive energy. You may find good fortune in the home, as well.

But if the previous occupants were plagued with problems -- marital problems, health problems, maybe even financial problems that led to foreclosure -- you, too, may struggle in the space.

Space Cleansing and Other Ways to Make a Space Your Own
In Feng Shui, we can use both mundane and transcendental measures to “cleanse” the energy from a space, ridding it of chi from past occupants and making the space uniquely ours.

Clean: Most people scrub a home or apartment top-to-bottom before they move in. When you do so, remain in the moment, knowing you are cleaning away negative energy from the past.

It's amazing what a fresh coat of paint can do. As you strip wallpaper or put the first coat of primer on the walls, do so with intention, imagining that you are “cleaning” the space to create a blank slate for a new future -- your future.

Feng Shui Space Cleansing: A Chen Pi Purification space cleansing is a dramatic way to improve the energy of a space creating a more healthy and harmonious home. A blessing that follows infuses the space with positive chi.

Space cleansings are just one of the many Feng Shui services I offer to clients. If you feel as if your surroundings are holding you back from achieving all you could in life, why don't you give me a call?

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