Feng Shui Floor Plan: How The Floor Plan of Your Home Could Be Holding You Back

Feng Shui Floor Plan

Each room of our home or apartment is designed for a different use, most corresponding to the eight trigram positions in the bagua. According to Feng Shui principles, if you can place a room in the corresponding position of the bagua, you'll strengthen the room's purpose and enhance that area of your life. If rooms are not placed optimally, you may find yourself stuck or blocked.  

Of course, it's not always possible to place rooms in their corresponding trigram positions. You'll also want to consider the natural path of movement through your house, utility (unless you're building a home, you probably can't choose where your kitchen will be), and the home's overall floor plan.

Optimal Placements for Rooms Based on the Bagua

Listed below are some optimal room placements for your home or apartment.

Master bedroom: The master bedroom should be located behind your home's central line, ideally in the Kun (marriage) area of the bagua. Read more about ways to Feng Shui your bedroom to take control of your life.

Kitchen: The kitchen, too, should be placed behind the central line of your home or apartment. The kitchen can reside in the health (chen), fame (li), marriage (kun), or children & creativity (tui) sections of a home. Ideally, the kitchen should be adjacent to the garage, dining room and family room, to encourage the flow of chi through these high-activity areas of a home. Residents may prefer the kitchen to have a clear view of the outdoors, as well as the family room.

Family room: This center of family activity is optimally placed in the health and family section (chen) of the bagua.

Child's bedroom: Placing your child's bedroom in the children and creativity area (tui) will encourage learning, creativity and happiness for your children.

Living room:
If you have both a family room and a living room, each room can fill a different purpose. If you don't have a family room, you may place the living room in the family (chen) section of the bagua. Otherwise, a living room in the helpful people/travel (chyan), kan (career), ken (wisdom) or li (fame and recognition) will enhance the corresponding area of your life. The living room can be in front of a home's central line.

Guest room: To encourage guests who will be helpful and won't overstay their welcome, place a guest bedroom in the helpful people/travel (chyan) position of the bagua.

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