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Feeling Stuck? Five Ways To Change Your Surroundings Using Feng Shui

Feng Shui TipsDo you feel a sense of depression or a heavy, oppressive weight as you step through your front door? Often, bad chi affects us the moment we set foot in a space and can block us in every area of life.

If you feel “stuck,” evaluate these areas of your home or apartment, and take some positive action to help the chi flow.

- Your street
- Your landscaping/neighboring buildings
- The path to your home
- Your front door / entryway
- Your stove

Your Street - If the streets in front of and behind your apartment or house run uphill, especially if your house is below the road level, you may feel blocked. Illuminating your yard with spotlights pointing up “lifts” the chi of your property and removing that feeling of pressure.

Your landscaping and neighboring buildings
- If a hill or mountain sits directly in front of your home, you'll feel the pressure of having a huge obstacle blocking your way to fulfillment. Similarly, if you live across the street from a tall, imposing structure -- a high-rise apartment building or a house much larger than your own -- you'll feel “dwarfed” in its shadow. Hanging an octagon mirror on your wall facing the house difuses the energy.

The path to your home - The pathway to your house should be free of obstructions. If you have a tree that “blocks” the path to your front door, it will block the chi and opportunities, too. You don't want the path to become narrow as it approaches the entrance to your home. If shrubs line the path, keep them well-trimmed. A path that is gently curved, and gets wider (rather than more narrow) as it reaches your front door, is best to attract opportunities and make us feel as energetic inside our home as outside of it.

Your entryway - Just as the path to your home should be open and spacious, the space as soon as you enter your home should be free of obstructions. Paint the entryway in bright colors and make sure your door can open a full 90 degrees. You can see 8 other ways to Feng Shui your home's entrance in this video.

Your stove - Our stove represents our career, how we make our living and how others view us. A stove in which all four burners don't operate properly can make the occupants of a space feel “stalled.” If you want to get out of your own way so you can begin “setting the world on fire,” add mirrors behind and to one side of your stove in order to multiply the wealth you can produce.

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