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Feng Shui Numerology: How Your Name Can Impact Your Income & More

Name GraderDid you know the choices you make about your name can impact many areas of your life -- including how well you do professionally and how much money you make?

Married Name or Maiden Name?
A study titled The Effects of Marital Name Change, and reported in this blog by Thursday Bram, showed a negative impact on the careers of women who took their husband's name or decided to hyphenate their names. A job applicant using her husband's last name was less likely to be hired for a position and her monthly salary was estimated to be lower than a woman using her maiden name (whether she is married or not).

Numerology and Your Name
There's another factor that wasn't considered in the study: the effects of numerology on your name. For many women, taking their husband's name could be auspicious, bringing better fortune, recognition and a higher salary, regardless of societal perceptions. On the other hand, if a woman's maiden name is auspicious, she may have many good reasons to keep it after she marries.

Whether you're getting married, naming a new product or business, or naming your baby, you can use the free Name Grader on this site to compare names and choose the one that will best help you accomplish your goals and fill your life purpose.

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